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The most successful carpooling stories tend to sound rather similar: "I started a new job and discovered that a co-worker down the hall lives near me." For most people, starting a new job isn't a common event and finding a carpool is difficult.

Increasingly, we live in a world where we don't interact with our neighbors. What about the person down the block, who you don't yet know, that happens to work for a company across the street from your place of employment? Sadly, most of these potential carpools go unrealized.

Our belief is that more people would carpool if it were easier to discover these sorts of connections. To that end, Carpool.Project is predicated on two simple assumptions:

  • As traffic gets worse, the time saved by access to HOV lanes will, at some point, outweigh the perceived inconvenience of carpooling.
  • Tolls and gas add up. Ride sharing is an easy way to cut those costs in half.


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We're not a billion dollar company, nor do we wish to be. We are self-funded and have no investors. We are not beholden to any stockholders with expectations of unicorn growth opportunities. This means we can focus on the one service we want to provide.

We're not a government conspiracy; that would be far more exciting. In fact, we aren't interested in tracking you for any purpose beyond helping you find a better commuting option.

We're not interested in monitizing your data or taking your money. Our view is that this should be a free public service.

We believe in transparency. If you want access to the data we're collecting about you, that's great! It's interesting stuff, and we're happy to provide it. If you get cold feet, or otherwise change your mind, we'll erase it from our database.

We use industry best practices when it comes to keeping your data secure. We think this is important, and it shouldn't be something that you ever need to worry about.

We're interested in self-improvement. If you have new feature requests, improved usability ideas, or any ideas about how we can improve our core business, please get in touch.


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