Alpha releases are in flux. This means that they are not feature complete and, in some cases, not even backwardly compatible. The intended audience is friendly testers that are willing to contribute data for the proof-of-concept analytics and algorithmic stages to follow.

Here's where we're at on features:

  • Map My Week 2/21/2016
  • My Places
  • My Connections
  • My Data 2/14/2016
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Supported Android versions:

  • 4.x
  • Lollipop
  • Marshmallow

As of March 15, 2016, the latest version is alpha-0.68:

download alpha-0.68


The Android app is currently in early testing and will soon be available on Google Play. In the interim, click the link above and follow these simple instructions to install the app. The non- Google Play install process contains a number of warnings that you have to acknowledge in order to proceed. On a Galaxy S4, the prompts look like the following:

[1] First, acknowledge a warning that this app hasn't been vetted by Google. In general, this is a more risky choice than installing apps straight from Google Play. They do a lot of sanity checks, and, someday, Carpool.Project will pass all of those check. For now, don't worry: we're not going to harm your device.
[2] You may be prompted to replace the APK if it's been downloaded previously.
[3] Once the APK is downloaded, open it up.
[4] And follow the prompt to change your settings.
[5] With the security menu open, click on the "Unknown Sources" checkbox.
[6] Leave the checkbox ticked and click OK. This will allow the APK install, but only for the Carpool.Project app; other, untrusted apps will require the same risk acknowledgement process.
[7] These are the permissions that the Carpool.Project app needs to work. We collect your location data; that's the idea. Access to the SD card is solely for logging and takes place in a single directory, My Files/Android/data/com.inferentialist.carpool.release. We require network access to send your data to our servers, and the phone is kept awake only for short intervals while acquiring location data or making network connections. In our tests, there was typically very little impact on battery life.
[8] Finally, Carpool.Project is installed. Start it up!