step one
install the app

The Android app is currently in early testing and will soon be available on Google Play. In the interim, follow these simple instructions to install the app.

With respect to resource and battery usage, we've tried hard to minimize the app's footprint. You probably won't even notice it's there.

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step two
run it for a week

The app runs in the background, periodically waking up to record your location. It only takes a week or so to identify your commuting patterns.

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We know that protecting your data is important, and you should feel comfortable with how we plan to use it. Check out our corporate ethos for more information.

step three
get introduced

When we've characterized your commuting trends, we'll connect you, via Facebook, to folks near you that are also looking for carpooling opportunities.

That's it! Get in touch, coordinate your ride, and enjoy the shared commute.

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